Pool heating

We Sell and Install All Major Brands Of Heat Pumps.

Pool Heaters

Keep your pool or spa comfortable for swimming, no matter what the weather is like, by investing in a pool heater from Bonita Beach Pools, LLC. Whatever brand of heat pump you own, Bonita Beach Pools can repair it within 24-hours of your request.

How Does A Pool Heater Work?

Your new heat pump will take the heat from the surrounding air and transfer it into the water. The warmer and more humid the air, the more heat is available for warming your pool. 

The ideal condition for your heat pump is 80° F air temperature, 80% relative humidity, and 80° F water temperature. This is true with all air source pool heat pumps. 

Under ideal conditions, a properly sized heat pump should raise your pool temperature 1° F per hour. As air temperature and humidity decrease, performance will also decrease.

Heat Pump Operation Tips

Your heat pump will operate when temperatures drop at night, but BTU output will also decrease. When the outdoor temperature drops below 45° F, it is not advisable to operate your pool's heat pump. Below 45° F, there is insufficient heat in the air to adequately warm the pool. 

As with all pool heating methods, you are advised to utilize a pool cover at night and when the pool is not in use. A pool cover is recommended if the temperature at night is 15° F (8 °C) less than the desired pool temperature.

The cover will help reduce heat loss by limiting evaporation, greatly reducing the overall pool heating costs. The proper use of a cover can reduce your operating cost by as much as 50% under certain conditions.

Estimates on Repairs and Maintenance

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